Saturday, March 26, 2011

Everest Panorama Trek ~ Day 10. Bye Bye Nepal.


Day 10: Bye Bye, Nepal...

It was not without a sense of unbearable yearning for the thin air up in the mountains, that we made our way to Kathmandu's Tribhuvan Airport for our final flight back home to Singapore. From the look of all the trekking poles sticking out of every one's backpack, it seemed that every single one of us in the team was keeping his and her poles, either for memory's sake, or for future use back here in this lovely country.

The Memories...

Perhaps the day would come when some of us in the team, unable to overcome the longing, would return for another whiff of the highland air. But for the others who choose not to, this trek would be held in a special place in their hearts, to be brought out time and again to be experienced in the deep recesses of their minds.

Whatever it would be, the tracks of the Everest Country had borne the stamps of every single one of our footprints. For that I believed we should be forever proud of. For every bit of suffering we undertook, we gained in each our own special way, not to mention slightly more expanded lung capacities and marginally more bulging thigh musculature.

The friendship that was forged in the coldest of nights and the darkest of dawn, would be something that would be difficult to forget. And each precious moment of laughter, of jokes shared, of cries of pain would be etched in our memories for posterity.

Thank you for Everything..

To all my team mates on this trek, I want to say a big thank you for making this trek one of the most unforgettable ones for both myself and Serene. Even as I write this at this moment in time, flashes of scenes of our time together flood my mind.
To Adrian and Melvin, and to Mahesh, Baboo, Binot, Ramesh and all our Nepali guides and Sherpa porters, this had been one heck of a trek. And although I promised myself never to step foot on Sherpa land ever immediately upon finishing the trek, I have a strong feeling that this is a promise that I am somehow going to break.

Till we meet again...

With this, allow me to bring to an end this seemingly un-ending ranting travelogue.
And till we meet again, Dhanya Bhaad (Thank you) to all!