Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The 6 bridges of Barelang

Barelang - A Lesson of 'Failing to Conserve' for me.
The photos in this post are all courtesy of Richard Ng, Vincent Loh & Gerard Tan. T hanks to all of you good men for such lovely documentation!!

"Guys, Kaye and his gang of cyclists are going to organize a trip to ride the Six Bridges of Barelang," said Gerard one day. "Let's go with them."
"Yah, this Barelang must do one," noted Richard.
"Let's Go!"

The Mickey mice ready for check in
Most of us hadn't cycled with Kaye, Kee Chong Tat and their gang of riders. But we'd heard that they were a powerful bunch of cyclists who were unfazed by any terrain.
We had also heard so much about the Six Bridges of Barelang. Many of us had visited Batam, but not many had taken the Barelang Highway. This Barelang Highway was constructed to link up all the Riau islands with six bridges, a couple of them which were spectacular sights in their own rights. The word Barelang was actually taken by combining the names of all the islands that were linked up, the very first one being Batam island, thus the 'Ba' in Barelang.