Friday, April 18, 2014

Walking the Southern Ridges ~ on a Good Friday!

The Southern Ridges of Singapore

I guess apart from some of the hilly areas around Bukit Timah, the Southern Ridges is another area that has been set aside by the government as nature reserve and designed to be linked up to allow for continuous walk, with scenice bridges and pathways.
So how does the hike look like?
Here is the actual GPS track of our hike on this day.  Click on the photo below and Zoom in after that to see the enlarged Google Earth map.
The Actual GPS track of our hike today

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Metasprint Triathlon 2014 ~ Never knew Triathlon was so enjoyable!

METASPRINT TRIATHLON 13 April 2014 - the bonding gets closer!

Finally, the day had come.  The boys had been preparing for this for months.  And, some with trepidation, awaited for the arrival.  It was with nothing short of a slight pang of sadness that I watched the guys trained, ladder-intervals after ladder-intervals, for the event.  Only 6 weeks before, a fall rendered me out of action for all my sporting events, including this, which was meant to be the climax of 'em all.  Still, excitement mounted as Serene and I got to Car park 6 along Changi Coastal Road at 6:05am to get ready with the boys.
With forearm splint tight bound on my broken finger, and ankle-lock securely holding my left foot, I shuffled to Car Park 6...

Me - pai kah pai chew - couldn't participate.  But I could still help them take photos.