Monday, January 16, 2017

Can Blog Touch post blogs on the go?

"I want to be able to write my blog as I travel."

I know it seems easy. But if you want to put in the pictures and formatting together at the same time it can turn out to be a little difficult 
But somehow the ability to do that makes life so much better.  My only issue is I always upload my photos to Flickr and I will link the photos by capturing the URL from the various sized photo.   But in the iPhone I cannot obtain the URL for Flickr pictures.

For example..

Here is a photo uploaded directly from my handphone;
And here is another phot direct from KH ha dohone which has been resized post-posting by merely dragging the corner boxes in Blog Touch.
And here is one that is linked to a URL obtained from Flickr by using my handphone:
So how ah? I have struggled and struggled time and time again.
Let's see if we can link a picture with an URL copied from
 Flickr on the iPhone...
This is the nice Hook On we went to eat.
I simply love to eat.