Wednesday, January 13, 2016

KOREA Day 9: Where is Hangang 汉江? failed attempt to visit Han Gang... and finally it snowed!

The Story of our Korean Trip
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KOREA Day 1: Singapore - Seoul - Jeju.  A brand new experience!
KOREA Day 2: Jeju ~ Western Loop
KOREA Day 3: Jeju ~ Eastern Loop
KOREA Day 4: Jeju ~ Southern Bumps
KOREA Day 5: Back to Seoul!
KOREA Day 6: Jisan Forest Resort
KOREA Day 7: It's just so Seoul ~ a tour of the Old Palace & Myeongdong
KOREA Day 8: A Christmas Eve of History and Academia...
KOREA Day 9: Where is Hangang?

Here is a video of our first (extended) snowfall in Seoul