Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Prologue. Chasing the Icelandic Aurora.

Fighting the wind & impending snow...

All my eyes could see was raging waves crumbling with splashes against the dark cliffs of Dyrhólaey Cape down below on our right.  In the distant left, a dark mist was fast-approaching our location from inland.  Like wolves out on a rampage, the tearing wind howled just outside our ears.
My index finger, totally frozen and void of sensation, struggled to change the aperture on the camera, while my left hand fiddled with the wired cable release.  Beside me, my fellow teammates Derek and Kai Sing were frantically trying to snap a last shot before the snow storm approached.   From the corner of my eye I could see several figures a certain distance away, equally urgent in their movements. 

And then it came.  From the side of the inner plains the snow swept.  The flakes took a parabolic dip before they flew up the cliff heading right towards us.  It was the first time in my life I beheld such a remarkable scene.  More and more snow emerged from below the plateau where we stood and came right pelting at us.  It was beginning to be painful on our faces.
"Quickly!" shouted Serene. "Come up the bus!"
It was no use.  My GND filters were already covered with droplets of melted snow.  I could take no more pictures.  I grabbed my tripod and ran for the bus behind us…

Disclaimer: Those shots by Serene and myself in this travellogue are mostly record shots.  There are many OOF (Out of focus) shots, those with movement blur, and those that are technically very flawed.  But we still posted them here because we believed they represented the spirit and emotion of the moments.  Therefore we ask for your pardon should the pictures come out less than perfect.

Iceland Day1 ~ 27 hours of plane & airport and a first glimpse of the aurora...